Ethical, Environmental and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

We follow ethical and environmental practices in our production units. We do Rain Water harvesting to preserve water. We plant and grow trees to keep campus atmosphere / ecosystem intact. Managing sewage by proper collection and allowing to decompose through bacterial activity before draining by means of a soak away. We do not have effluent to treat. Smoking strictly prohibited inside factory area and No Plastic bags of low Micron allowed. We follow amiable policy on Health, Safety and Wellbeing and Welfare of all employees to keep them fit to carry on there duties well.We give special attention to our Social responsibility to take care of all our employees equally well outside also. Their kith and kin and people in the neighbour-hood also taken care with library and other facilities.

Maintain Policy of Nil Child Labour, Anti Sexual Harassment to Women workers, No Discrimination in selection, employing and treating all employees irrespective of religion, caste, gender, Language and Physical disability with determination and only value merit, hard work, sincerity and loyalty.


We don’t recruit trainees below 18 years of age and age proof insisted to ascertain the same for employment. DISCRIMINATION POLICY: While recruiting, training, retaining and promoting we do not discriminate on the basis of Religion, Caste, Gender, Language and physical disability. We always aim to value merit, hard work, sincerity and loyalty of all our employees.

POLICY ON EMPLOYEE RIGHTS: We do not compel our employees and we do not imprison them. All employees have applied on their will to work and they are free from violence and intimidation. We do not abuse our employees either verbal, physical, psychological and /or sexual abuse, coercion or harassment. We do not employ workers through agencies. Our employees have formed an association exclusively for our mills and they are at their will for collective bargaining for working hours are as per the standard permitted by Director of Industrial safety and health. After 6 consecutive working days 7th day is compulsory weekly holiday for any employee. No overtime engagement of workers beyond their working hours.


While All workers are paid wages either higher than minimum wages prescribed by Government of India or Government of Tamilnadu. If they have to work overtime, they will be compensated separately in accordance with national rules.

POLICY ON HEALTH AND SAFETY- FROM 01.01.2016 All employees are provided R.O purified water for drinking. Ambient air condition is maintained in all departments. Quality food / snacks are sold at subsidized rate to all employees. Food provided by vendor is checked frequently for quality. We have rest shed to those who attend 2nd and 3rd shift (only males) In the dining hall used by workforce we have provided special lamps as a measure of Pest control. We conduct ‘EYE ‘check-up camps for our all our employees. We have provided Insurance to all those who are not covered by ESI(Workmen compensation Act) We have tie up with two Hospitals, one in Rajapalayam and other in Srivilliputtur for FIRST AID and Emergency Treatment to our workforce. Company takes care of medical expenses. We conduct Yoga classes to interested employees


We systematically harvest Rainwater and collected Water is led into our well. The water level and quality of water has improved due to the same. We use water economically and grow plants and trees to attract clouds for rain. Bamboo, Punga trees which emit oxygen and sucks carbon monoxide helps to have clean atmosphere, are grown inside the campus. There is no trade effluent generated, as ours is only a spinning unit. In the past, Septic tank of all toilets are cleaned by private agencies. Now the T.N.P.C Board approved ‘BIO-ENZYME’ is used. This bio enzyme is producing bacteria which absorbs all the dust in the septic tank and water remaining is being let out. The discharged water from septic tank is regularly tested for PH value and it is maintained around 7.0. No smoking is strictly ensured inside our premises. No plastic bags of low microns are allowed inside our premises.


As an SMSE, We avoid personal dependency, obligation or influence. We are fair to employees, Govt machineries, adhere to approach anyone without gifts money or any other means, We inform on corrupt practices to AID, If any such reportable incidence occur.

POLICY ON VISUAL REPRESENTATION IN ADVERTISING: We take care while preparing visual representation in advertising about human dignity.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: No one is unimportant in our Mills. We are helping with finance to meritorious wards of our employees for perusing education. We have put up a library in a nearby village is and maintain with books, periodicals and news papersetc., On our Founder’s Day, about 500 poor, aged residents of our employees’ village - 30 KM from our Mill are given clothes and medicines. A computer has been donated to a school to help poor students. Every year on the occasion of Deepavali and Pongal, clothes and gifts are distributed to inmates of an orphanage in Rajapalayam. We take care of all our employees and their family members, in need