CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Public Library

Our first and foremost initiative with regard to our social responsibility was to start a library in the name of the parents of our Chairman – Shri. S.A.Anandan

and Shrimathi Unnamalai Ammal - in our native village Ramachandrapuram for the benefit of native villagers and children who attend Tamil medium school in the local village. The library is open to public on all days except Sundays from 9am to 6pm daily.

The library is furnished with newspapers and many philosophical and fiction books. Since there is no other library in the locality people come to read with enthusiasm to the library and home makers reap larger benefits.


Also, as a responsible initiative to enhance oxygen content in atmosphere, we have started growing punga trees and bamboo trees in our premises since these trees are the best producers of oxygen among all trees.

We are aware of the importance of trees and we also educate our workers to grow trees at their home too


Distributing Clothes to Orphanage

To commemorate the death anniversary of our Chairman’s parents, we organise feasts for native villagers of Sundarapandiam twice a year and during which we also donate clothes to down trodden people.

We make it a practice to donate clothes to orphans in the orphanage in Rajapalayam


Medical Camps

Considering our Worker's health as the primary importance, we conduct various medical camps, eye check-up camps, pulmonary test and audiometric tests for our beloved workers.

During the corona pandemic we educated and ensured that all workers took vaccination

Safety Training

To act swiftly in case of emergency, we train our workers in fire safety, emergency protocols and first aid awareness. We conduct various awareness programs to educate our workers on the terms of essential safety measures while working in a factory.

We have a separate training room for our workers.and conduct various traings in health and safety protecting Environment,Chemical handling code of Conduct,Physical and mental well being

Protecting Women

We are in an agreement with an NGO called “CRUTCH” (Centre for Rights and Unity Transformation for Child and Health) which is being renewed time to time and we are being deputed a separate staff who comes every month and addresses all our women workers regularly regarding personal health, hygiene, mental health, sexual harassment, keeping oneself safe inside and outside the premises.

We have an Anti Sexual Harassment cell in which we talk to our workers on their safety while working with male workers.

Awarness Program

We conduct awareness programs for  our workers as a whole and educate them on various topics like physical and mental well-being of workers, importance of education, importance of girls education, government aids available for the needy parents or children, healthy and hygienic way of living, corona pandemic awareness, personal protective equipments to be used while working in the factory etc.

We also conduct programs frequently to educate the workers on the benefits of EPF,ESIC and General insurance